I just finished putting together our walk-in music disc for the upcoming "Woman On The Wheel Tour 2013". It's one of my favorite parts of the touring process. We get to pick our favorite new (to us) music, put it on a disc, and listen to it in each venue on the tour as people walk in. It's a nod to the artists we listen to, as well as a surreptitious way of pushing our musical tastes on to an unsuspecting public! Seriously, there is something very comforting and even seductive, about hearing this music that we love so much come wafting over a darkened theater on a great sound system, before the audience comes in. It gets me every time.

So here's the 2013 version of some of the music we are currently listening to. Feel free to comment on it when we see you on the road. We leave for Ireland tomorrow. Sláinte!  


Walk In Music - Woman On The Wheel Tour 2013

Monteleone - Mark Knopfler (Get Lucky)
Down From Dover - Marianne Faithful (Easy Come Easy Go)
Where's Home? - Richard Thompson (Electric)
Little Tornado - Aimee Mann (Charmer)
Duquesne Whistle - Bob Dylan (Tempest)
Seven Times The Charm - Shawn Colvin (All Fall Down)
Alabama Pines - Jason Isbell (Here We Rest)
Million Miles - Bonnie Raitt (Slipstream)
Salford Sunday - Richard Thompson (Electric)
Use It Up - Sadie & The Hotheads (How Not To Lose Things)
There's A Whole Lotta Heaven - Iris Dement (Sing The Delta)
Not Cause I Wanted To - Bonnie Raitt (Slipstream)
Chains Of Love - Ryan Adams (Ashes & Fire)
Early Roman Kings - Bob Dylan (Tempest)
The Boxer -Jerry Douglas with Mumford & Sons and Paul Simon (Traveler)
Lucky - Sadie & The Hotheads (How Not To Lose Things)

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