Barry Walsh has spent a lifetime writing, performing, and producing music. After  three years studying classical piano under Carol Stone at Tennessee State University in Nashville in the late 70’s, he spent the next decade traveling and recording in the bands of Waylon Jennings, Roy Orbison, and other Nashville-based singers. A sideline pursuit was always songwriting. His songs have been recorded by Waylon Jennings, Jessi Colter, The Amazing Rhythm Aces, Tom Russell, and Gretchen Peters, among others. 

The 90's found Walsh in Nashville recording studios, where he played on countless recordings for an array of artists.  In 1990 he met singer-songwriter Gretchen Peters, starting a now thirty-plus year musical relationship that led to their marriage in 2010. In April of 2001, they toured the UK and EU, beginning an era of constant touring, TV and radio appearances. A result of all of this hard work was the  success of albums like Hello Cruel World in 2012,  Blackbirds, in 2015, which  debuted at #1 on the UK Country chart and in the top 40 UK pop chart, and won the 2016 Americana UK Album of the Year. Dancing With The Beast was released in 2018. All three of these albums were  produced by Walsh, Peters, and Doug Lancio. In 2020 Gretchen Peters released the UK Folk#1 album, The Night You Wrote That Song: the Songs of Mickey Newbury, produced by Walsh and Peters. March, 2022 will see the release of Gretchen Peters - The Show - live in the UK with the Southern Fried String Quartet, also produced by Walsh and Peters. 

Walsh has recorded three solo records: 2008’s The Crossing, 2012’s Paradiso, and 2014’s Silencio. All three were recorded at his home studio with guests including Gretchen Peters, Walsh’s son Brennan Walsh, Mark Selby, David Henry, Doug Lancio, Rob Ickes, John Catchings and Jim Hoke. A track from Walsh's second album, Paradiso, "Gretchen's Theme", was used in the 2013 Dutch documentary The Sex Police,  which follows a Dutch detective unit that combats human trafficking and the exploitation of prostitutes in The Hague.

Recording his own original work has provided Walsh an alternative outlet to his duties as a producer/keyboardist on the more commercial recordings he's been a part of. Using the tools of his trade: piano, accordion, guitars and bass, these highly personal pieces give him an incentive to explore more exotic musical territory. "The whole idea for my solo recordings," Walsh says, "was to find the space between the notes. Finding space through the use of restraint." As Emmylou Harris once said, "restraint intensifies emotion." 

In August, 2018 Walsh was an Artist-In-Residence at the Banff Centre For The Arts in Banff, Alberta, Canada. 

In August, 2022, Walsh and Peters announced their retirement from touring. The grind of long (4-5 week) tours was just getting to be too much. Isolated one-off gigs will still happen, and they have one final long tour now booked for May, 2023. Those dates are now up on the calendar on this site.