The video you see on my homepage was produced by Eric Temple of Highway 89 Media, out of Salt Lake City, Utah. He's done great work in the past for my friend Tom Russell and also for my wife, Gretchen Peters. The song, Koblenz, is from my new Paradiso album. I'm really happy with the way it came out. It's also up now on YouTube.

I'm writing this from a hotel room in Manhattan, where Gretchen and I have been holed up for a few days doing media events in preparation for the release on January 31 of her "Hello Cruel World" album, which we produced together with Doug Lancio. We are playing a gig tonight in The Village at Joe's Pub, to kick off the "Hello Cruel World Tour". Things are going be very busy for us for the next five months as we travel across North America and Europe to promote what I've called Gretchen's career record. I hope you'll make it out to see us when we get near your town. Come by and say hello after the gig...I'll keep you updated as the tour progresses.

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