After 7 months of work, my new release, "Paradiso", is now finished! I'm planning on releasing it on Tuesday, November 22nd. It's been four years since the release of my first CD, "The Crossing", and I'm excited about getting this follow-up out in the world. It's mostly solo piano, but there are guest appearances by cellist David Henry, guitarists Doug Lancio and my son Brennan Walsh; and Rob Ickes of Blue Highway fame on dobro. I hope you'll check back with me on November 22. It will be available on this website, as well as iTunes, CDBaby.com, and Amazon.com. In other news, the Tom Russell CD that Tom & I co-produced, "Mesabi", is now out and doing great. It was released a few weeks ago and shot immediately to #1 on RootsMusicReport.com. It's currently #15 on the Billboard Folk Chart. Gretchen Peters new album, "Hello Cruel World", which I also co-produced along with Gretchen and Doug Lancio, is coming out in late January. I think it's her best album yet, with some of her best songs ever. We had a dream team of a tracking band including Will Kimbrough, Viktor Krauss and John Gardner; along with Gretchen, Doug and myself. Rodney Crowell and Kim Richey also make guest appearances. Can't wait for this release... Gretchen and I will be out touring hard in 2012 as we will both have new albums out. The schedule is getting pretty full already, highlighted by a European Tour starting on March 1 and lasting through April 8. We'll be appearing all over the UK and Ireland, as well as Germany and The Netherlands. I'll post the tour schedule as soon as the dates are firm, so check back in with me. Until then, enjoy the cool Autumn air!

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