While I have reservations about calling my music 'New Age', because I don't think it is, others have put it in that box. To be honest, when registering it on Amazon and a few other sites, we had no choice when it came to identifying Silencio by genre. We could not place it in the classical, jazz, or any other category, even though it has elements of those forms and more. New Age seemed like the only default label for an introspective, instrumental music such as Silencio, so we went with that. All I know for sure is, genres mean nothing to me personally, and I never think genre when I sit down to create a piece of music. All I've ever listened to comes into play at that critical moment, and I either like the results I've got and I keep developing the idea, or I move on and wait for the next crack in the cosmic egg to occur. As Duke Ellington once famously said, "There are two kinds of music. Good music, and the other kind."

That said, I am humbled by the great response to my quiet little recording. I feel like a proud parent today. -Barry

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