I seldom blog, but this year the accolades coming in about a CD I co-produced warranted a response. The recognition for my wife Gretchen Peters' Hello Cruel World CD has been gratifying.  It's her career album, and a singular artistic achievement.  This little recording, without a large Music Biz budget or record label machine behind it, has really made its mark in the world, for which we are grateful. But don't take my word for it. Here are some of the great mentions we've gotten about it in the last few weeks of 2012:

Proper Music UK: Country Album Of The Year!

Americana Music Association: Top 100 Albums Hello Cruel World is #30! Click the button ("Top 100 Albums") on right side of the page. Best Country Albums of 2012  

In the Telgraph's (UK) 10 Great Roots Albums of 2012, I co-produced two out of ten: Tom Russell's Mesabi as well as Hello Cruel World.                                                      

No Depression: Top 50 Albums of the Year. Hello Cruel World comes in at #13!                                      

WFUV's John Platt. Favorites of 2012:                                                                                    

From Mando Lines at No Depression. Top 10 Albums of the Year. HCW #2!                                                                               

In the Netherlands, we're on the shortlist in Heaven magazine. The Best albums of 2012!                                         

In the Folk Alley Listener Poll, Hello Cruel World is number 37!                                                                                            

Folk Alley's Elena See and Linda Fahey.  Top Albums Of The Year List.

KDHX’s Ed Becker’s Top 10 Albums Of The Year!                                                                                                        

And finally, Twang Nation's Top 100 Albums of the year list. I don't have a working link for this one. Will fix this when Twang Nation comes back online.

In the words of Frank Sinatra, "It was a very good year". We had a ball crisscrossing the USA all year, and crossing the Atlantic four times before August 1st. We hope to keep up this mad pace for a while longer. In the meantime, Happy New Year, and Sláinte!

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