Longtime partner in life and music, songwriter Gretchen Peters and I got married on October 2nd in a churchyard near our home in Nashville, TN, with our family and close friends surrounding us. We are very happy to be starting this new chapter in our lives. It was only twenty years in the making, as Gretchen and I met and started working together in 1990. Gretchen has some pics posted on her website (www.gretchenpeters.com), but I wanted to put one up on this site. This shot is of Bryan Adams (in the background) serenading us with his song "Heaven" for our first dance together as Mr. & Mrs. And we were in heaven... Photobucket

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    Southern Fried Festival, Perth Concert Hall,  Perth,
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    Cafe Wha?,  New York City,
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    Cape May Convention Hall,  Cape May,
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    Bear Creek Folk Festival,  Grande Prairie,