Starting the year out in San Diego on Jan 1 by visiting with journalist Kenny Weisberg and going to the San Diego Zoo after playing New Years Eve with the Box Tops. Getting lost after leaving a gig in Sautee Nacoochee, GA, in mid-January and winding up in North Carolina-knowing we had to leave for the UK the very next day. Wandering The Lanes in Brighton, UK at the end of January, in what would turn out to be the first of two trips to the coast of the English Channel in one year and five trips to Europe in 13 months. Hearing Gretchen sing "On A Bus To St. Cloud" in St. Cloud, Minnesota for the very first time in April. Not a dry eye in the room-onstage or off. Recording "One to the Heart" in Austin in May at Mark Hallman's studio with Tom Russell, and getting to play a beautiful old upright-perfect for this project about the West-and an antique pump organ tuned down a half-step. Whenever I played it the tracks had to be slowed down to be in tune with the pump organ Recording Mickey Clark's record in June with legendary producer Jim Rooney, to be released in March, '09. Mickey swapped vocals on one soon-to-be barroom classic- "Don't Piss On My Boots (and Tell Me It's Rainin')" with John Prine, Jerry Jeff Walker and Kinky Friedman. Needless to say, a good time was had by all. Driving across Switzerland on the way to Tom and Nadine Russell's wedding in Gstaad, listening to the Sound Of Music. And yes, the hills really were alive.... Singing "Love Me Tender" along with a roomful of people led by a French accordion player in a restaurant in a small town nestled in the Alps, the night of Tom and Nadine Russell's wedding rehearsal dinner. Stumbling on the National Yodeling Festival of Switzerland while staying overnight in Lucerne on the way back to Zurich. Recording the Christmas album at home in April.... And May..... And June......... Playing the Wolfeboro, New Hampshire Folk Festival in a tent next to Lake Winnipesaukee while the sun was setting on a cool night in late July. Playing the Gosport, UK Festival in a tent five days later on the banks of the Solent, looking out at the Isle of Wight. Our second time this year to see the English Channel, and what would be one of five trips to Europe in 13 months. Touring the Napa/Sonoma wineries in mid-September while playing dates in Northern California. No earthquakes or wildfires this time but some damn fine wine.... Seeing Gretchen's name in lights on the marquee in front of the Crystal Bay Casino, on the north shore of Lake Tahoe; right next to the famed Cal-Neva lodge where Frank, Dean and Sammy hung out with Ava in the Rat Pack days. Playing at the Bowman House Concert series in a beautiful barn outside of Atlanta in mid-October, with strands of white lights in the roof beams; and falling leaves and acorns tapping on the tin roof during the quiet last verse of "On A Bus To St. Cloud". The election of Barack Hussein Obama. All the rest of this blog is filler. Gretchen and I both worked on his campaign, along with hundreds of thousands of other people. We were all part of an historic event the likes of which we have never seen. Ending the touring year in Amsterdam on December 8, in a beautiful city made even more striking when it's lit up with beautiful lights for the Holidays. We stayed (and performed) with old friend and songwriter/bassist John Lester, and his beautiful family. We had SRO audiences on all three gigs in Holland. Starting Nanci Griffith's new album (the working title is "The Loving Kind") the morning after getting in from our return from Amsterdam. I had no time for jet lag as I worked on the record for the next three days. I did take a few 10 minute power naps slumped over the piano but I don't think anyone got hurt. Performing the entire Christmas album live on radio Lightning 100 in Nashville on December 21st, with a band composed of myself, Doug Lancio, Dave Francis, and our Highway 101 buddy Cactus Moser. What a year! Peace and Love to all for 2009

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