11.22.09. Bush Hall, London:

Gretchen and I are looking back at the last month in wonder. From Boston on 10.24.09 to London tonight on the anniversary of the death of JFK, 11.22.09. We've managed to survive flight changes, driving ourselves around for 2 weeks in Northern Ireland (on the wrong side of the road), torrential rains in both England and Holland, great meals and bad meals along the way, great hotels and some not-so-great hotels along the same way, and most importantly, great audiences throughout. In fact, we've done 23 shows in 4 countries in less than a month. One stretch was 14 days in a row through 3 countries. We played to sold-out houses in almost every venue, and through it all, we managed to stay healthy! No swine flu for us. We might have dragged ourselves through a few days, but when it came time to perform, we always found energy from all the great houses we played to. Here's Gretchen at the London/Bush Hall soundcheck: Photobucket

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