I could not improve on this collection of pics from our recent UK Tour, so I'll just direct you to the collection Gretchen Peters has compiled. I almost forgot how much fun we had until I viewed these. With Gretchen and I are the Belfast boys: Conor McCreanor on bass and vocals, and Colm McClean on guitar, steel guitar, and vocals. 


Our walk-in music for our tours is something we take very seriously, but we also have a lot of fun compiling. Here's the music for the UK Blackbirds Tour, 15th March - 5th April, 2015. There's some old music in with the (mostly) new music:


Just found out that Silencio was #2 on the Amazon UK's chart of New Age album releases for the week of November 16!

I recently came across a recording I hadn't heard before, the Keith Jarrett/Charlie Haden album called Jasmine, which was released about seven years ago. The beauty of the words in the liner notes, written by Keith, hit me like an arrow through the heart. Here is what he wrote:

My overall take on SILENCIO:
Vibey, post-classical, angular music. A hint of Erik Satie, and a little bit of Van Dyke Parks.  Partly a reflection of some of the places I’ve traveled in the three years since my last album: Ireland, Belgium, Mexico, and The Czech Republic. Growing up in a large, boisterous family with eight siblings, I found an escape hatch. Solitude. Silencio. In our modern world filled with noise and the assault on our senses, I find myself more attracted than ever to this quietude. Here are the stories of Silencio

When I started working as a young musician in Nashville recording studios in the 1970’s, I was hungry to learn from those who  came before me. I was very often the youngest guy in the room in those days, usually when the keyboard veterans were called for a session but couldn’t make it. I was lucky to have worked in those studios with some legendary older musicians who taught me much. Here's a partial list:

The Luck Of The Irish...

How lucky are we to get to tour Ireland in October? This lucky:


Here's a sample of some of the things we've been listening to lately. I was lucky to get both the new Kim Richey and Jason Isbell albums as I was putting together this playlist. See you in the UK when the tour starts next Saturday. This is what you'll hear when you come see us:


I seldom blog, but this year the accolades coming in about a CD I co-produced warranted a response. The recognition for my wife Gretchen Peters' Hello Cruel World CD has been gratifying.  It's her career album, and a singular artistic achievement.  This little recording, without a large Music Biz budget or record label machine behind it, has really made its mark in the world, for which we are grateful. But don't take my word for it. Here are some of the great mentions we've gotten about it in the last few weeks of 2012:


Shortly before leaving Nashville, I put together the walk-in music you’ll hear before the Gretchen Peters Hello Cruel World Tour show. It’s a playlist of some of the things we’ve been listening to lately.

Thirty years ago this year, half a lifetime, I first flew to the UK from Nashville to do a few gigs in London and Belfast. Being a history buff, I soaked up everything I could about London, walking and taking the tube every chance I could. I thought I'd never get back, and I wanted to see everything. If I only knew then what I know now. We’ll be flying to London this coming Monday for the 2nd of at least four trips over this year alone.

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